Progress Over Perfection Coaching

Pilates training tailored to your individuals needs. One-to-one training in person or online with professional, experienced coach Sarah Norris. Based in Kingston Vale, SW15.

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About Sarah

Helping You on Your Journey of Self-Care

As a CPTSD warrior & recovering addict, breath & movement practice have become valuable tools in my self-care box, as I continue along my healing journey.

Originally training as a Personal Trainer in 2015 and also a keen Yogi, I was bitten by the Pilates bug about seven years ago, when I started training with a Physio on the equipment (due to an old injury from my “wild child” days).

I qualified as a Dynamic Reformer Instructor in 2018 and I’m currently studying for my Mat qualification with Basi. For me, it is very much a moving meditation practice that helps you to reconnect with your body – creating a greater sense of internal harmony, as well as teaching you how to move more efficiently.

I’m incredibly passionate about helping others embark on their own journey of active self-care, whilst hopefully having some fun at the same time!

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All classes are 1 hour in duration.


Pilates - Studio or Home

Your session can take place at my SW15 home studio or in your own home (if you are local).


Online Pilates

1-to-1 online coaching sessions perfectly tailored to your needs, experience and goals.


Group Sessions

Pilates practise in small groups. Group size is limited, to ensure everyone gets support.

Personal tuition

Instruction Tailored For Every Student

Every one of us is unique and you will gain most from sessions that are designed just for you. Working directly with individuals rather than in groups, affords the student complete focus and dedication.
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The Benefits of Pilates




Strength Building


Stress Relief

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Body Toning


Mind & Soul

What My Clients Say

“Working with Sarah is brilliant. She has helped me through a number of injury issues over the past three years and seems to intuitively understand what it is that your body needs. The sessions are highly individualised and varied, we have never done the same class twice, and she knows how and when to challenge you and push a bit harder. I am in significantly less pain these days than I have been, and working with Sarah has played a huge part in that. Her private studio space is lovely too. Would highly recommend!”
Abbie Carr

“I absolutely loved working with Sarah. She strives to understand not just your body, but also your mind, which creates such a comfort. She fully understands how the body moves and is extremely knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend training with Sarah, not just for the giggles you get but the buzz and information you leave with is second to none.”
Aishlinn Mcilhone

“Sarah-Ann is really knowledgeable about both the human anatomy and the principles of pilates. She also has very high EQ, which is rare to find. No two sessions with Sarah-Ann are the same and you can tell she’s meticulously test driven each exercise on the reformer before asking you to do it! She’s one of my all time fav pilates instructors (and I’ve tried a few over the last 12 years).”
Riya Chopraa

“I was recommended Sarah by a friend , and I have never looked back. Through the years I have exercised on and off but never tried Pilates, feeling like I needed to bring flexibility in I wondered if Pilates would be the thing .

Sarah has taught me how my body works by being aware of how it feels and the benefits of correctly positioning something. Her knowledge and understanding of my body is next to none and every session is personalised to my needs at that time.”

Dawn Scorgie